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Rising Stars Programme

Rising Stars 2017 application form

To qualify for the Westland ‘Rising Stars’ for 2017 garden centre employers are invited to nominate a member of staff giving a reason/s why that person should be considered.
Deadline for applications is 4pm, Friday 24th February 2017.

Masterclass dates:

• Masterclass One - 21 March
• Masterclass Two - 10 July
• Masterclass Three - 20 September
• Masterclass One - 7 March
• Masterclass Two - 12 July
• Masterclass Three - 20 September

The candidates should:

• In your opinion be a rising star in your business
• Hold a position below garden centre manager level
• Not be a shareholder nor family member/owner of the business
• Be available to attend a number of workshops throughout the year (approx.4)
• Be prepared to work across departments in your garden centre

What will happen:

• Nominations will be put to a panel of judges who will decide on the finalists for 2016
• The finalists will be invited to take part in a series of workshops held by Ian Boardman on topics
such as merchandising throughout 2016
• The finalists’ work will be assessed throughout the year to review the various elements on which the
finalists have received training
• The best performing finalists will be invited to the 2017 GCA Conference where they will showcase some of the work to the conference and talk about the difference this has made to their work. Ian Boardman will provide training in presentation skills.
To be completed by the employer
To be completed by the applicant